motivation conceptual meterMotivation is essential for overcoming challenges in life. From losing weight and getting in shape, to landing a new job or finding a loving mate, motivation is key.

The problem is like water motivation ebbs and flows. Some days you wake up filled with energy and hope, ready to hit the gym, eat right, network and tackle your to-do list. Other days you feel like sleeping in, lazing around the house and binge watching your favorite TV shows.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do when motivation ebbs to get it flowing again. Here are 5 ways to get your motivational mojo back on track:

  1. Acceptance

First accept that this is the way you (and most humans) are. We all have good days and bad days. Periods of high energy are typically followed by periods of low vitality. When you accept and understand the rhythmic cycle, you can engage in activities that coincide with your level of energy. On up days you can expand more energy and fully engage and enjoy life generating health and happiness. On low energy days you can cultivate peace and calm and replenish physical and mental energy by enjoying nourishing meals and getting more rest.

  1. Plan and Set Goalsimages-3

You can’t create what you want in life without a roadmap. Defining your goals, what you want and how to get there, will help you keep the wheels moving forward even on down cycle days. Take some time to define your core values. Write-up a plan to help you achieve what you want. Set some short, medium and long-term goals. Ask yourself where do I want to be in a 3-months, 6-months and a year from now? Then create SMART (SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) to guide your daily and weekly actions.

  1. Get Accountable

Knowing you have to report to someone can help you get back on track fast. Just make sure your accountability buddy isn’t judgmental. Consider hiring a coach. Not only will she help you stick to your plan, a good coach will enable you to reach your goals far more quickly and powerfully than you ever could on your own.

  1. Create Habits

Forming a routine around self-care habits is key to permanent change and maximizing motivation. Start with one positive habit you want to develop and then create a habit loop to make it happen. A habit loop is a cue, followed by the habit and then a reward.imgres-7

To create a habit loop find a simple, obvious cue to remind you to perform the behavior and a reward for when you’ve completed it. For example, if you want to exercise first thing in the morning, fill up your water bottle the night before (cue), put your sneakers by your bed or the door (another cue) and lay your exercise clothing out so you’ll get up and get going (another cue). When you’re done reward yourself with a hot shower, a few minutes of leisure time or a tasty, healthy snack.

  1. Self-compassion

images-2Motivate yourself by self-care and self-compassion rather than self-criticism. While we all have a critical voice that tells us “I eat too much,” I don’t exercise enough,” “I should work harder” or “I procrastinate,” … it’s not the best motivator. Although it means well, our critical voice makes us feel bad about ourselves, especially when we don’t meet a goal or sleep in instead of going to the gym. This criticism can leave your feeling sad and depressed which can send you right back into a negative, down cycle. Don’t let it! Remember, you are in control.

If you’re tired and lack energy and motivation stop dragging yourself through the day. Take care of yourself and follow my 5-step plan to recharge your batteries. And before you know it your motivation will be right back on track.

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